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Storylanida 10 review (Death Among the Marshes)

“The detective with a notebook is a commonplace in murder mysteries, and Death Among the Marshes pays homage to this trope, not once but twice – the investigating police detective brings one out, as does Billy Watkins, the manservant of the main protagonist Frederick Babington. Set in the early twenties, this clever novella also gives specific mentions both to the Sherlock Holmes stories and to the first of the Poirot mysteries by Agatha Christie, The Mysterious Affair at Styles (1920). Set in the fictional Norfolk pile of Marsh Hall, seat of Viscount Marshbourne, by the village of Marshbanks, Death Among the Marshes is Kathryn Ramage’s way of having fun with the country house mystery genre while also acknowledging that living in the aftermath of the Great War was no less difficult for many returning soldiers than surviving the actual conflict.”
A tortured but decent sleuth, by Calmgrove, March 3, 2014

And check out his other reviews of Kathryn L. Ramage’s fantasy novels:

“There is no doubting that Ramage has achieved a believeable universe where magic is real even if of secondary consideration, and there is absolutely no question that she has successfully peopled this universe with credible if flawed human beings. There is a strong sense, though, that there are unresolved threads which will be picked up and followed in the sequels (or even prequels). I look forward to immersing myself again in Redmantyl’s world of the Northlands with Maiden in Light.”
To the Dark Tower, March 9, 2013

“Jane Austen and H P Lovecraft may once have been strange bedfellows, but the recent trend of re-imagining 19th-century romances as vampire and zombie tales renders this marriage made in hell less surprising. Kathryn Ramage dedicates Maiden in Light to these two authors, though the resulting novel is not the undead romcom that you might otherwise expect. Instead we have here an engaging novel mixing social observation, convincing character development and palpable suspense, all set in an alternate world consistent within its constructed parameters.”
A Fish out of Water, March 10, 2013

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New reviews for The Wizard’s Son

“This isn’t your kid sister’s wizard story. At one point, I checked the front and back for author bio because my neck tickled with the thought “is this woman a wizard herself?” A brilliant and understandable “coming of age” tale, with an adult sensibility and keen insight into the human condition of parental expectation, a young person’s intense desire for free will and adventure, and the difficult, often painful transition to adulthood. The alternate dimension setting with no Industrial Revolution is excellent to remove the cluttered background of technological whatnot. We focus on the young man, his struggle, his growth.”, by Linda, July 20, 2010


“The Wizard’s Son is the story of Orlan, the son of a barmaid, who comes to find that he’s also the son of the most powerful wizard. After the death of his mother, Orlan is taken from the only life he’s ever known, to live with his father and begin his training to become a wizard.” by Catrina, June 13, 2010

Two new The Wizard’s Son reviews at Amazon

The Wizard’s Son is reviewed at Amazon by Loucypher Justin and by Johnathan Gladen.

Wizard’s Son review

The Wizard’s Son reviewed at Young Adult Books Central.

The Wizard’s Son for ePub Readers (iPad, Sony, etc.)

The Wizard’s Son in ePub format, which works on iPads, Sony Readers, Nooks and whatever else ePub works on. ePub for Sony Readers, Barnes and Noble Nook and the ubiquitous iPad at I think this format works in more than the three machines above, but I’m not 100% sure. Here’s a helpful Wikipedia entry on what platforms and hardware it works on.

And just so you Kindle folks don’t feel left out, The Wizard’s Son is also available in Kindle format.

Full disclosure: I’m biased toward our print books because I think our cover designers top themselves with every book and these books are not only a joy to read, but a joy to look at, flash around, and hold in your own dear hands while reading. Yes, I’m funny that way. But I also live in the 21st century, which has technologies that allow me to publish books on a small scale, and so I feel inclined to give eBooks a nod, even if I don’t like reading them myself. Here ends the sermon. Please enjoy our Wapshott Press eBooks.

The Wizard’s Son now on Kindle

Yes, Kindle fans, The Wizard’s Son on Kindle, just for you.

New “The Wizard’s Son” review

February 18, 2010: The Wizard’s Son Amazon Review

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The Wizard’s Son
by Kathryn L. Ramage

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From the back cover:

“‘His first vivid, visual impression was of Redmantyl standing over him in the morning sunlight, so tall and red and bright that the wizard had been burned into Orlan’s memory. Indeed, Orlan marked his life from that moment, when all the light and strength and wondrous magic of the world had stepped into his childish awareness. He believed he had known he belonged to that man, even before he knew who Lord Redmantyl was. Before that, there was nothing.

“‘That summer, he began to test the unyielding barrier which kept him from his childhood—his father’s spell, placed upon him years ago. Until now, he had accepted it: who would wish to look back on dirt and poverty and misery when he lived in an ivory castle of magic? Orlan had not tried to remember, but his visit to Storm Port made him attempt to recall a past which had been kept from him. He wanted to know about his mother and the life he had known with her at Lammouthe. Could the spell be broken? He was a magician of some skill himself. Surely he could undo this. He must know: what had he been before his father had brought him to Wizardes Cliff?’

“Orlan Lightesblood is the son of the world’s most powerful wizard and is training to become a wizard himself. But beyond his father’s castle, he is still an innocent youth, defenseless against the evil and temptations that threaten the future laid out for him. On an alternate earth filled with wonder and danger, the wizard’s son must overcome the demons of his own past and his father’s enemies to survive to manhood.”