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Storylandia 36 now on sale

Where to buy: Amazon; Kindle; ePub available upon request.

Where to buy: Amazon; Kindle; ePub available upon request.

“The Ear is the way to the Soul,” by Bob Ritchie. A challenge, being a teen. Just when you think you have a handle on life, you discover this awful (for a teen boy) thing called “virginity.”

“The School’s on Fire!” by Gordon J. Stirling. A boy makes a mistake and runs away when he learns something about himself his folks never told him.

“Alchemy,” by John O’Kane. Fleeting relationships in a beach community where everyday situations can lead to euphoric experiences.

“Red Wings,” by Evan Howell. At school Lionel is getting bullied and at home he can barely tolerate Randy, his mother’s annoying boyfriend.

“The DiDramifi,” by Jhon Sánchez. In this USA, everyone owns the DeDramafi, which is a device that might seem harmless, perhaps even beneficial, but fosters its own type of tyranny.

ISBN: 978-1-942007-35-7
Evan Howell
John O’Kane
Bob Ritchie
Jhon Sánchez
Gordon J. Stirling
Storylandia 36

Now on sale: Issue 25 “Miranda”

Where to buy: Amazon (eligible for free shipping) and Kindle.

Sample pages

Where to buy: Amazon (eligible for free shipping) and Kindle.


“The large sitting room of the Rolling Hills Club was empty, save for the flickering candles and the menus that stood like protecting arms around their flames. The tables were covered with empty wine glasses, cocktail glasses, and snifters floating on napkins or abandoned on the side tables. Stray napkin balls sat like cats under the sofas and littered the floor.”

This is the Rolling Hills Club, a place where Philadelphia’s rich—including Miranda Anderson, the socialite who ties the seven stories in Miranda together—come to spend their time and money. From general manager of the club to Miranda’s best frenemy, the other characters in these narratives show what kind of person Miranda is—and what kind of person she might become.

Where to buy: Amazon (eligible for free shipping) and Kindle.

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Sonnedragon Excerpt: Petition

Mara hadn’t pressed her father to grant her request for troops during Holy Week, but on Easter Sunday the Duke received petitions from Northlander citizens in the State Hall and she was resolved to address him then.

The State Hall was the oldest part of the Palace. Dafythe had taken care to have it repaired rather than demolished when he rebuilt his new manor from the old castle. Its stone faces were crumbling and its outer embellishments worn indistinguishable. The flagstones within were polished smooth and deep grooves had worn into the twin staircases to the galleries …read more

Source: TheNorthlands


Sonnedragon excerpt: the first battle plans

“I’ve always wanted to visit Europe,” said Kat. “I was just a baby when I left.” She paused, reliving old memories. “I remember how quiet it was when my mother died. My nurse hushed me and everyone whispered. I remember when Ambris came. The nursemaid picked me up and handed me to his arms, and my father told him to take me and be off. I remember the ocean. Ambris lifted me up to the ship’s rail to show me the dolphins playing in the water. I think I was in …read more

Source: TheNorthlands


DVD Review: One Body Too Many

So, have you ever been watching The Wizard of Oz and find yourself looking at the Tin Woodsman and thinking, “Mm–that Jack Haley. I’d like to see him naked holding an armload of adorable black kittens.” No? Me neither. But if there’s somebody out there that’s had that thought, then I’ve found a movie for you.

One Body Too Many is a 1940s comedy that plays with the standard formula and tropes of those Old Dark House movies I’ve been hunting down during the last few years. Haley plays Albert Tuttle, a nerdy but ambitious insurance salesman who has an …read more

Source: TheNorthlands


Sonnedragon Excerpt: Visions of the future

“Magician, can you see for us?”

Mara had sought out her father’s court magician, Peter Scholar. Ambris went with her. Peter was startled when the Duke’s children entered the little library on the top floor of the Hall of Record, where generations of court magicians had formed their own collection. This was his favorite private place in all the palace, but he immediately set down his pipe and the book he’d chosen for his evening’s study, and made them welcome as if he received guests in his own chambers.

“I am no wizard, My Prince, but I can scry as well as …read more

Source: TheNorthlands


Sonnedragon Excerpt: Mara’s introduction

She was Margueryt Cordelia Diane Sebastiane, Prince of Gossunge, Shieldmaid Commander, Chevalier Order St. Mykhael of the Holy Sword of Flame, the legitimate daughter and heir-apparent of Duke Dafythe of the Northlands. As first cousin to the Norman Emperor Kharles V, she was also next in line of succession to the imperial throne after her aged father so long as Kharles remained unmarried and fathered no licit child. At thirty-one, she was a vigorous woman in her prime, young enough to retain her ideals but old enough to strain impatiently at the bonds which kept her from achieving …read more

Source: TheNorthlands


Foreword from “Sonnedragon”

This is my third story set in the Northlands. It is not, however, a direct sequel to the first two—The Wizard’s Son and Maiden in Light—but another part of an overarching storyline that involves the characters that appear in all three. Sonnedragon is the story of Prince Margueryt, heir to the Dukedom of the Northlands. It concerns the political, martial, and magical matters of Margueryt’s life and times. The Wizard’s Son and Maiden in Light have a more personal theme in common, concerning malevolent supernatural events that affect the main characters. How my characters react …read more

Source: TheNorthlands


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by Kathryn L. Ramage

Where to buy Sonnedragon: Amazon (eligible for Free Shipping); 10% off with this code EMZTQAQB at this website; and for the moment only as an ebook on Kindle. Sample Chapter 1.

Sonnedragon is now on sale!

Where to buy Sonnedragon: Amazon (eligible for Free Shipping); 10% off with this code EMZTQAQB at this website; and for the moment only as an ebook on Kindle.

by Kathryn L. Ramage

Where to buy Sonnedragon: Amazon (eligible for Free Shipping); 10% off with this code EMZTQAQB at this website; and for the moment only as an ebook on Kindle. Sample Chapter 1.

“As she looked into the dragon’s dark gold, black-streaked eyes, wise beyond mortal knowing, Mara heard a deep, melodious voice:

“‘Thou shalt not die here, brave Prince. Such courage and fortitude as art thine will be rewarded tenfold. Thou shalt receive a sign of thy fortune, a talisman of kings. The dragon betokens thy royal lineage. Its body possesseth great magics: The Dragon’s Tooth is a weapon surpassing all others, even the tooth of the lion. The Dragon’s Eye is prized beyond all gems. No steel may pierce the scales of its hide. No terror may quail the courage of its heart. Its blood healeth all wounds. Receivest thou these gifts, O Prince, for power lieth in their virtues. This token shalt thou bear upon thy shield. Thy foes shall flee in terror at its sight. All shall honor thy name, which hereafter shall be known as Sonnedragon. Takest thou the might of the dragon. It is thine.’

“As she lies wounded on the battlefield, Mara, warrior Prince of the Northlands, receives a vision: a dragon that promises her great gifts. With the sign of the dragon upon her shield, she achieves one astounding victory after another, but soon realizes that each success comes with a terrible price. Tragedy follows her every triumph-not only in her war against the Spanish at the Northlands’ borders, but in her disputes with her father, the Duke.

“On an alternate earth filled with wonder and danger, strange magic and courtly intrigue, Mara slowly uncovers the truth behind the inexplicable power she wields. Is the Sonnedragon real or a delusion, or is it actually a curse that has haunted her family for generations?”

About the author:
Kathryn L. Ramage has a B.A. and M.A. in English lit and has been writing for as long as she can remember. She lives in Maryland with an aging and chronically ill cat. As well as being the author of numerous short stories, novellas, and essays, she is the author of “The Wizard’s Son,” “Maiden in Light” and “Sonnedragon,” novels set on an alternate Earth whose history has diverged from ours somewhere during the medieval period. Both are part of an intended series of fantasy novels that mostly take place in a dukedom called the Northlands, a part of the Norman Empire that roughly covers the north-eastern U.S. She is also the author of the murder mystery set in the Twenties, “Death Among the Marshes,” which appeared in Storylandia 10. Her website is at