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An editor’s work is never done

Ah, the things I do for the Wapshott Press… In hopes of bringing our books and journals to more and more worthy readers, I’ve been studying SEO. Yes, me, your beloved editor, Ginger Mayerson, has been learning things I never even knew I wanted to know. Well, there is an upside to all this, in addition to better SEO: I invented a new word that doesn’t seem to be found on Google.

Things the Google spiders and bots like to eat for improved SEO health could be called

BOTNIP or botnip or bot-nip (yes, you got it, like catnip or cat-nip)

Yes. Very much yes. Please, experts in all things, fact-check the hell out of me. I love it.

Thanks, Freddy Tran Nager and his Atomic Tango for getting me hipper to the SEO scene. A painless, useful, information packed session. I feel so much smarter, happier, and better-looking, too.

Link round up

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Where Wal-Mart failed, a library succeeds Books have a big future. Readmill is a curious community of readers, sharing and highlighting the books they love. Welcome to a world of reading. is a website for ebooks, compatible with your computer, tablet, smart phone and ereader.

New Wapshott Releases:

Molly Kiely Selections 1991-2012 Ta Da!

Darkness at Sunset and Vine Trilogy (more on this later, but it is on sale as a book and on Kindle)

Wapshott Press is seeking a book publicity intern or two to blog about books and book industry, like this, for us. Please drop me a line at editor AT wapshottpress DOT com if you would be interested. Thanks.

Why do books need trailers?

Because this is the way we live now. There might be better book trailers, but I don’t know how to make them, alas. This one was, um, challenging enough.

Yes, Wapshott on Youtube, there must be a seal opening somewheres. Anyone who’d like to take a swing at a book trailer for any Wapshott title, please get in touch. You’ll get full credit and treats!

Thank you again to Michelle Mauk for the Maiden in Light cover. I got a lot of mileage out of it and the map by Molly Kiely.