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Testing the LJ function and a treat for your patience

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pdfs of three Kit Ramage stories

Enjoy! You can also check the sidebar for other goodies, if you are so inclined.

Super secret pre-sale for Wapshott Press readers only

The Pajama Boy
A novel by Ginger Mayerson
In Nagasaki, newspaperman Ryuu Shimada falls in love with a young guy who resembles his lost love in Tokyo. A novel by a woman who’s been reading too much yaoi.

Click the images for full-sized versions.

Distribution Version
Is $11.00, will be $12.50 when it goes into distribution

Alt Cover Version
Is $11.00, will be $12.50 when the above version goes on sale.

Limited Edition Cover
Is $13.00, will be $15.00 when the above version goes on sale. This cover is limited to an edition of 100, after that it will be unavailable.

Leave a comment if you have any questions. Thanks! GM

An Interview with Anastasia Witchhazel

Interview with the author of “Chase,” aka Wolfen Moondaughter at Sequential Tart.

The Upshot of Wapshott

An interview with Ginger Mayerson in the latest issue of Sequential Tart. Lots of stuff about the Wapshott Press and “Chase and Other Stories.”

Chase and Other Stories TOC and mini synopses

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Author Profiles and Excerpts

So far we only have these “Chase and Other Stories” authors and excerpts in the Pages at the top of the sidebar:

Anastasia Witchhazel

Amy Throck*-Smythe

Ginger Mayerson

Kitty Johnson

Turk Albany

Karmen Ghia

Kathryn L. Ramage

Tally Keller

Please pay them a visit to get a taste of what’s to come.

Welcome to the Wapshott Press

Updates etc. to come.