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Testing the LJ function and a treat for your patience

Hi LJ,

I hope. If this posts and you clicked back, here’s your treat:

pdfs of three Kit Ramage stories

Enjoy! You can also check the sidebar for other goodies, if you are so inclined.

“Chase and other Stories” at Amazon UK and Powells and elsewhere

“Chase and other stories” at Amazon UK

“Chase and other stories” at Powells Books
Well, okay. I called Powells and they said they have to add $2 for “special order handling,” so, much as I hate to do it, I can’t encourage anyone to buy this particular book from Powells.

But you can get it in so many other places! Wow! And, of course, Yay!

An Interview with Anastasia Witchhazel

Interview with the author of “Chase,” aka Wolfen Moondaughter at Sequential Tart.

Chase and Other Stories on Amazon and Barnes & Noble


The Upshot of Wapshott

An interview with Ginger Mayerson in the latest issue of Sequential Tart. Lots of stuff about the Wapshott Press and “Chase and Other Stories.”

Chase and Other Stories TOC and mini synopses

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“Chase and Other Stories” now available at

Please visit our store at the Wapshott Press Store. Thank you!”Chase and Other Stories,” ISBN 978-0-6151-6846-3, will be available at online retailers and bookstores in a few weeks. Keep an eye on this space.


We have two, one is the “Chase and Other Stores” cover and the other is for the Wapshott Press, by the very talented Wolfen Moondaughter. Click on the images for larger versions.

Thank you, Wolfie, and thank you again, Robin for the lovely artwork.(The book is almost ready for launch, I swear. I know, it’s taking forever, but is totally worth the wait.)

“Chase and Other Stories” cover

We have a beautiful cover by Robin Austin.

And, of course, the barcode slapped on it by the distributor. Ah, commerce. Oh well.The book should be out in a few weeks. Watch this space or put us in your feed reader (like

Welcome to the Wapshott Press

Updates etc. to come.