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Book biz news

Digital Print Production Continues to Move Forward

Do French Comics Sell Abroad? The French Say “Mais Oui”

Amtrak offers writers’ residencies on US trains. Uninterrupted creativity and window-gazing – what an appealing idea. Celebrate your favourite literary train journeys below

A Land Where Dragons Are Too Dangerous

How to Write YA

Art is not a mirror to reflect the world, but a hammer with which to shape it.

A taste of George R.R. Martin’s ‘The Winds of Winter’

Simon & Schuster Launches Book-Dedicated Review Site & Daily Email

Book biz news

Bob Fosse and the Bejeweling of Horror

Martin Amis credits stepmother and Jane Austen for literary success

Hunting for New Customers at Toy Fair

40 Years Together: Rolando Hinojosa And Arte Público

Amtrak launches writers residency after author requests

Turbulent Years Ahead: An Interview with Ken MacLeod (UK SciFi)

New York Comic Con Promoter Launches New Comic Event

Book biz news

Hundreds of Anne Frank books defaced in Tokyo libraries

Literary prizes make books less popular, study finds

Women’s fantasy fiction: join the quest for a world unknown to bookstores

James Ellroy Wakes Up in the Middle of the Night to Write

Russian Fiction: A Reading List by Emil

When Professional Society Publishers Take an Independent Path

Intellectual Sprawl — The Importance of Constraints on Authors and Other Creators

The Market for Social Sciences and Humanities Publications

Looking for Pirates in the Sea of Content (Elsevier; vicious as ever)

Book biz news

George Washington Book Prize Finalists Revealed

2014 Audie Finalists Announced

Moving stories: what do you do with your books when you change houses?

First Carla Furstenberg Cohen Lit Prize Winners Revealed

“For Myself, For My Children, For Money”: Early American Women Writers at the British Library (Our own lady actress, Anna Cora Mowatt, is mentioned)

Trial looms after Arianna loses again in case over Huffington Post origin (Moo hoo ha ha)

Announcing the L.A. Times Book Prize finalists for 2013

The Problem with Facebook (Wow. Peak Facebook)

Book biz news

Andrews McMeel to Publish ‘Reading With Pictures’

2014 Greenaway picture book prize long list – in pictures

Can Textbook Nationalization Curb “Profiteering Publishers”?

A brief survey of the short story, part 55: Edgar Allan Poe

Watterson Wins at Angoulême Festival

Can Mega-journals Maintain Boundaries When They and Their Customers Align on “Publish or Perish”?

Crowdsourcing Copyright Law in Europe

This Invitation Cannot Be Sold or Transferred

Book biz news

L.A. Zinefest returns Sunday in Culver City

Trudeau puts daily ‘Doonesbury’ on long-term hiatus to work on renewed ‘Alpha House’: ‘I’m ready for an extended break’

A Spectrum of Heroines

France’s Humanoids Now Based In The U.S., U.K.

Self-publishing: is it killing the mainstream?

The Max Planck Society buys entire Springer Book Archives

Xpress Reviews: Graphic Novels | First Look at New Books, February 14, 2014

Book biz news

First £40,000 Folio Prize Shortlist Dominated by Americans

Graphic Novels for African American History Month

Punk Is Not Dead

At the Whitechapel (Hannah Hoch exhibit, sorry about the lack of umlaut over the o)

Ancient Viking code deciphered for the first time

“A Promising Member of That Race”

Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly are writing a book on gun control

2014 Stella prize longlist announced

Book biz news

Check It Out with Michael Kelley: Small Libraries Make a Big Impact

Are Scientists Reading Less? Apparently, Scientists Didn’t Read This Paper

Who Can Rival Amazon?

Forget beige – meet the women who are ageing with attitude

Marine Corps Times first casualty in headquarters’ war to ‘professionalize’

The Love Lives of Japanese Literary Giants Get Manga-ized

JRR Tolkien advised by WH Auden to drop romance

From Art Show to Art Book

Book biz news

School Specialized in Comic Books to Open in Paris

Project investigates monographs and open access

“Roger McGough. Now the go-to poet for ads, voicing high-profile campaigns…”

Lemony Snicket launches prize for librarians ‘who have faced adversity.’ Children’s author, who has himself been ‘falsely accused of crimes’ wants to honour those who have stood up to pressure from would-be book banners

Follow the ball through ‘Wooden: A Coach’s Life’ biography (If this doesn’t date and locate me, nothing will.)

“Young white men often number among the most useless and deficient individuals in society, precisely because they have such a delusional sense of their own importance and entitlements. They’ve been raised to believe that one day they’ll be millionaires and movie gods and rock stars (and superheroes), but they won’t, and they’re having a tantrum because of it.” (Maybe we should lower the western society success bar to happy, healthy, and solvent. Anything above that is a bonus, hey?)
Forget Iron Man-child – let’s fight the white maleness of geek culture (We need Iron John and we get Iron Man. Figures. On the other hand, who really needs either of them? I mean, unless you’re a selfish prince or there’s an alien invasion of New York, both being very rare occurrences in this modern world.)

The trust-fund newspaper

Since when? Grammar bonus link

Book biz news

Baker Street Irregulars in Print

Staying connected: You’re not alone

Unusual punishment: Woman sentenced to read Malcolm Gladwell

Anthony Lovett dies at 52; writer revealed hidden L.A.

Mexico bids farewell to José Emilio Pacheco

PEN and UNESCO to Bolster Minority Language Publishing

Titan Comics to Publish New Doctor Who Comics

Billionaire Fears Pogrom In San Francisco? Weird.

Book biz news

YA Wednesday: 2014 Printz Award Winners

Russian ‘kills friend in argument over whether poetry or prose is better’ Poetry is better, but prose is more fun.

Is 2014 the “Year of Reading Women?” Most of the Wapshott Press’ authors are women. Get with the reading, world.

Trusting Twitter

Prize Controversy as Angouleme Comics Festival Opens

Tyrrells spices up its crisp packets with image of fiery poet RS Thomas Poets on packaging is the wave of the future.

Not Waving but Drowning Your poetry moment of the day.

Book biz news

Face Up Online: Arizona Highways

A local cheer for National Libraries Day

S&S Sci Fi, Fantasy Imprint Gets Name, Logo

Younger book dealers are diving into the antiquarian trade

Reading in Bed? Non Merci!

Print Party: An Introduction to the LA Art Book Fair 2014

Waxman says he’s still concerned about Tribune newspaper spinoff

Book biz news

There is no one Twitter experience — there is only your Twitter experience

Been Down So Long (Trade publishing)

Serious Men: Reflections on My Men’s Book Club

Oprah 2.0: Book Club Marries Magazine, TV and Digital

MIT Shares 45 Free Textbooks

New Boutique Publishers Return to the “Essence” of Publishing

Sense and sensorbility: the book that lets you feel your protagonist’s pain I wonder what Mary Shelley would think about this.

Dickinson: Raw or Cooked? Our Emily

Book biz news

Vintage to Pub Snowden Book

Does digital publishing mean the death of the author? (Tosh.)

Sit Back, Relax, and Read That Long Story—on Your Phone

The 10 Worst Jobs in Books (Not publishing but books.)

Chick noir: a thoroughly modern Victorian marriage thriller

Happy National Handwriting Day (Better late than never)

Book biz news

Getty Launches Virtual Library (Don’t get too excited, it’s just free pdfs.)

Self-Publisher WinePress Goes Out of Business

Amazon Publishing Launches Christian Imprint (See WinePress story above)

Literal: America’s Newest Bilingual and Spanish Book Publisher

Is teen romantic fiction bad for boys? (C’mon, do boys even read the Twilight novels?)

Teen fiction’s ordinary romantic heroes

Mick Jagger on his memoirs: ‘Look it up on Wikipedia’ (Conclusive proof that God really does love us. Full disclosure: I’m more of a Keith Richards fan, but I do love Mick. There’s a wonderful photo of him on this article. Mmmmmm. And then there’s “Performance” and “Memo from Turner.” Mmmm squared. And he is doing some interesting things in his geezerhood. Hm.)

Kindle Direct Publishing’s new tax interview – be prepared! (Non-U.S. authors take note.)

Book biz news

Anne Brontë: the unsung sister, who turned the gaze on men

Farrar, Straus & Giroux Gets “Original”

Rep. Waxman on Tribune Meeting: ‘My Concern About the Fate of the Los Angeles Times Was Not Alleviated’

California Bookstore Day Plans Moving Forward

The Arthur C Clarke awards put women first

5 Things We Learned at Digital Book World 2014

Teens Don’t Read For Fun Anymore, New Data Says A) I’d like more information on where and how Nielsen Book got and analyzed this data, B) if this is true, it will have more than a negative effect on the publishing industry, and C) also if this is true, welcome to the post-literacy era and the rise of the picture book representing great literature. If I’m lucky, I’ll be dead by then.

The bad side of Goodreads’ Reading Challenge

Simon & Schuster Expands Library E-Book Program

Book biz news

Staples Adds Textbook Rental

HSS publishing ‘squeezed by emphasis on science and medicine’

Smithsonian Libraries releases courses on iTunes U

Challenges are ‘signs of success’ for OA advocates

Book biz news correction

Should have been;

The rise of the marriage thriller (Chick Noir?)

Sorry about that.

Book biz news

From USGS Library to ProQuest: an Interview with Richard Huffine on the US Public Access Program

LAZF 2014 Keynote Speaker? Jaime Hernandez!!

Goodreads Author Program Hits 100,000

X-Files star Gillian Anderson to write science fiction novels

The rise of the marriage thriller (Chick Noir?)

5 Trends for Academic Publishing in 2014

The winners and losers in the landmark net neutrality ruling

Book biz news

National Book Critics Circle announces 2013 awards finalists

‘The Wall Street Journal’ Launches Book Club

Crime novel by murderer wins literary award (I wonder if he gets the money, or if it goes to the victims’ restitution fund. Hm.)

Data Journalism for All

Newspaper PDF replica service bets on future of print-style digital reading

The end of tabloid papers and the new quest for media respectability

Book biz news

Storylandia 3 cover artist William Wray at the LA ART Show this week He rules! Go see lots of his work all in one place and not on a cover. Yes! LA Art Show 2014

Issues on the Ether: As at DBW, the Many Faces of Amazon

Class Action Suits Filed Against B&N

Applications Available for Binc College Scholarships

TS Eliot poetry prize goes to Sinéad Morrissey’s Parallax

Digital Publishing: All the News That’s Fit to Pin

Comixology: Six Billion Digital Comics Served

Simon451: Simon & Schuster’s New Sci-Fi & Fantasy Imprint