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Book Biz News – Cheltenham Literature Fesitval edition

News from the Cheltenham literature festival (or Cheltenham Literature Festival, if I was punctuating this article)

“She (Dolly Alderton) said it was Darcy who first came up with ‘negging’, a phrase which has caught on after being coined by the American writer Neil Strauss in his book The Game: Penetrating The Secret Society of Pick-Up Artists.

“Negging is the act of emotional manipulation whereby a person makes a deliberate backhanded compliment, or flirtatious remark, to undermine someone’s confidence and increase the need for approval.

“So a man might come up to Alderton afterwards and say, ‘Oh, you were quite good because normally women aren’t that funny’.”
Mr Darcy’s reputation as romantic hero trashed at Cheltenham literature festival

Defendez M. Darcy. Or don’t he’s so freaking wealthy and good looking, who cares if he’s a jerk?

Also, Brit punctuation on Mr always throws me for a loop, Ms. American hyper-punctuating savage that I am. See the punctuation on Ms.? Take that Guardian newspaper.

“She (Pat Barker) said fiction, or the reading of fiction, was not in good health. It is less #MeToo, she told the Cheltenham literature festival on Sunday. “It is the so what moment.

“‘Even among very enthusiastic modern readers of fiction there is the “so what” movement where you put down a book and you’ve been entertained by the story of contemporary life or mores, or whatever, and you think, “yes but so what”.'”
‘So what’ fiction isn’t creating passionate readers, says Pat Barker

Well, there are only so many properly punctuating American writers to pen things like “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” or “The Jungle” or “Grapes of Wrath” (alas). Suck it, Brits, until you learn to punctuate like Americans, you’ll just have to whine at someone else. I have semicolons and em dashes to wrangle.

“The literary world is packed with novelists reviewing the books of their colleagues but it is not something Kate Atkinson would do, calling it a ‘callous art’.”
Kate Atkinson calls authors reviewing their peers a ‘callous art’

WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE OVER THERE? STOP WHINING! American novelists reviewing each other are (is?) hysterically funny. And the best we can get now that Elaine’s is closed and so no many American author fist fights anymore, alas.

I’m never going to the Cheltenham Literature Festival; it would be too traumatic (for everyone).

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Book Biz News mini-edition

Patrick O’Brian’s unknown poems discovered in a drawer
What is it with people shoving work into drawers or piano benches? I wonder.

Why we need an award for writers who start later in life
Here, here! Some of us were writing music for 30 years before the writing words thing started.

Censorship Project + A Brief History of Book Burning

Book Biz News

French bookshops revolt after prize selects novel self-published on Amazon (quel horreur!)

BBC short story prize selects all-female shortlist for fifth time

2018 National Book Award Longlists Announced

Poem of the week: Aristocrats by Keith Douglas

John Steinbeck was a sadistic womaniser, says wife in memoir

Eleven research funders launch open access initiative

Read and Publish: Is It Good for the Academy?

Reclaiming Reference

Book biz news

Call for Stories: Women Executives in Publishing

Sexed-up Chinese Pulp Fiction Invading Vietnam

Digital Printing Gets the Nod from OUP

Two Booksellers, 13 Bookstores, Six Days! A Road Trip Photo Essay

Heckler calls Jon Krakauer a liar at Missoula forum on book about rape

Has DC killed Batman and the Joker?

The Young Romantics poem of the year 2015

Alice Notley Wins $100,000 Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize

Springer Nature merger gets all-clear

Open access transition easier through OLH/Jisc agreement

Chinese national library buys Karger archive

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The Fabulous Chad Denton — Scholar, Gentleman, and Wapshott Author

Poland’s Book Market Has Big Potential, Many Challenges

Women Buy Books, Men Review Them

What We Got Wrong About Books

Revisiting: The Price of Posting — PubMed Central Spends Most of Its Budget Handling Author Manuscripts

The Ubiquitous Bookstore

5 Million Public Domain Ebooks in HathiTrust: What Does This Mean?

Book biz news

Why Writers Need to Know the Publishing Business

Creating images for social media with Canva

Philip Levine, Former U.S. Poet Laureate, Dies at 87

Marvel’s Thor attacks critics who say ‘feminists are ruining everything’

How brands and publishers define success in native

Meet the tweet-deleters: people who are making their Twitter histories self-destruct


Lessons from a great book jacket designer

Book biz news Reveals Inaugural List For Digital Novella Publishing Program

Harvard U Press Introduces the Classical Library of India

Why the PEN competition for writers in prison is hard to resist as a judge

Podcasts are booming, but Google could make them much bigger

Book Publicity After Jon Stewart: A Vast PR Wasteland?

Woops! Your Postal Prices Won’t Go Up as Much as The USPS Originally Said They Would

Mark Zuckerberg Takes on Anti-Vaxxers in New Book Club Selection

Phone box library closure threat angers residents

Book biz news

Loaded Dice — The New Research Conundrums Posed by Mechanical Turk

As Goes the Web, So Goes Books on the Web

OpenBooks: A Self-Publishing Bookstore Where You Read First, Pay Later

How Cloudstitch aims to open up data-driven storytelling to non-coders

Jeff Bezos Takes Washington Post into Digital Future

Is there a library-sized hole in the internet?

Publishers bypass literary agents to discover bestseller talent

MOOCs Are the Thing with Feathers

Book biz news

University of California Press Introduces New Open Access Publishing Programs

Macmillan + Springer: Some Lessons to Learn, Some Twists to Watch

Big Sister: Some Beneficial Aspects of Collecting User Data

Why To Kill a Mockingbird is overrated

Will Robots Soon Customize Books for an Audience of One?

As Goes the Web, So Goes Books on the Web

Amazon Unveils First Staffed Location On a College Campus

Neil Gaiman Reacts to Fifty Shades of Grey Sales

Book biz news

The Zuckerberg Effect

Mark Zuckerberg Announces 2nd Pick For Facebook Book Club

Don’t try too hard to please Twitter — and other lessons from The New York Times’ social media desk

Librarians urge publishers: get your metadata out there, everywhere

The real science of science fiction

Amazon Lost $241 Million on $88 Billion in Sales

Rod McKuen, poet and songwriter, dies aged 81

How Salon tamed the trolls and saved its online comments

Book biz news

Mark Zuckerberg’s book club opens with a disappointing first chapter

Indian author gives up writing after Hindu nationalist protests

UK freezes export of unique Erasmus manuscript by William Tyndale

Do Russian Readers Judge a Classic by its Cover?

Springer merger with Macmillan announced

Most Indie Authors Make Less Than $1K a Year (well this is annoying news)

Sports Illustrated Lays Off All of Its Staff Photographers

Book biz news

Print is back

Ebooks at night won’t help you sleep tight, US study finds

Indian comic creates female superhero to tackle rape

France’s rock star economist Thomas Piketty turns down Legion of Honour

“He gets the men to follow him by making them feel good about themselves. He foreshadows in fiction the particular evil of Ronald Reagan.”
Baddies in books: Long John Silver – a pirate Ronald Reagan (Yes! But that is kind of mean to Long John Silver.)

Bookbinding businesses keep the pages turning — for now

Amazon ‘suppresses’ book with too many hyphens

Book biz news

Nature launches first journal in four years

Elsevier to launch all-discipline OA journal

Kareem Abdul Jabaar To Publish Sherlock Holmes Novel

Elizabeth Gilbert Advises Against Depending On Your Writing to Make a Living

Bestselling account of heavenly journey crashes to earth

Chicago Reader staff votes to unionize, seeking ‘stronger voice’ in outlet’s future

A Self-Publishing Platform for Kids


Book biz news

First ever YA Book Prize shortlist announced!

5 Tips for Writing a Memoir

Macmillan launches ‘unprecedented’ sharing scheme

The Strange Beauty of Murkami’s “The Strange Library”

I-5 Publishing Launches Dogster and Catster in Print

EBSCO and EasyBib now allowing direct citation exports

Ben Okri wins bad sex in fiction award for scene featuring rocket going off

Knowledge Quarter launched at British Library

My Thoughts (Jason Shiga’s thoughts ED) On James Sturm’s New Sexist and Racist Comic (J Shiga’s comic, “Demon,” has me on the edge of my seat. Totally worth starting from the beginning. He’s got a good business model going, too.)

Book biz news

Exploring books glimpsed in Interstellar

Ursula K. Le Guin on Profiteers vs. Publishers

William Shatner explores new worlds of self-publishing and Kickstarter

Ursula Le Guin cries freedom as she is honoured for contribution to literature

Ladybird drops branding books ‘for boys’ or ‘for girls’

Shopping for Books with the Obamas

Mark A. Fischer on The Copyright Wars: Three Centuries of Trans-Atlantic Battle

Book biz news

Shakespeare First Folio found in French library

Sense about Science Christmas Reading Room 2014

Archive of Colombian literary great Gabriel García Márquez goes to Texas

Anthony Burgess musical composition discovered

2014 National Book Award Winners

“Men are better at reading maps as it helps them sow their wild oats”

Unseen Patrick O’Brian sea stories to launch in December

Vape gathers linguistic steam to become Word of the Year 2014 (Maybe throat cancer can be WOTY 2015)

Book biz news

All Trenchcoat and Cigarette and Arrogance: “Hellblazer,” “Constantine,” and Noir

USPS Loses $5.5 Billion and Its Postmaster General

Content Marketing For Book Nerds: Scribner, Oyster launch literary magazines.

Self-publishing’s vices and virtues

Moby-Dick marathon: ‘It’s the literary version of Shark Week’

Mendeley and WriteLaTeX join forces

Growing Impact of Older Articles

Why Are Publishers and Editors Wasting Time Formatting Citations?

Book biz news

Bookstore MFA

A World Carved from Words: The First Navajo Poet Laureate

Copywrong. Copyright may make creative work more expensive, but without it we’d all be poorer

Ebola scare spotlights media’s retreat from science coverage

Baddies in books: Sauron, literature’s ultimate source of evil

LSI ending their distribution relationship with Amazon

Peerage of Science excited by Springer agreement

Al Jazeera Web Comic Looks at Big Data and the Future of Privacy

Pirates, Pigeons, Dogs, Oh My!: Children’s Books at NCIBA

On Excess: Susan Sontag’s Born-Digital Archive

British comics superhero Dan Dare set for take off again

Beyond Wolverine: the most memorable superhero deaths in comics

Five must-read graphic novels that prove comics are worthy of a laureate

True histories: the renaissance of Arab Jews in Arabic novels

The publishers that put their content directly on social platforms

Baddies in books: Captain Ahab, the obsessive, revenge-driven nihilist

Springer signs up for three-minute challenge

London Info International just three weeks away

Book biz news

Have You Looked At This: NGA Online Editions

Hate Speech Is Drowning Reddit and No One Can Stop It

The Red House Children’s Book Award 2015 shortlist is announced!

French NYC Festival Examines “Extremist Fiction”

Winners of the 2014 John Maddox Prize for standing up for science announced

“The West is Running Out of Stories,” say Africans

Filthy first pages: do they make you want to read on?

The Size of the Open Access Market

Book biz news

Big Losses, Big Questions for Amazon

Consider the Ebook Format: Books in Browsers V

Home and History in the Fiction of Los Angeles

Japanese science fiction award opens entries to aliens and computers

Transrealism: the first major literary movement of the 21st century?

GovDeals Auctions Surplus Books Online

How to kill a troll

The California Sunday Magazine sets out to win the West

Growing Impact of Non-Elite Journals

How Soon Will the Majority of Books Be Self-Published?

Amazon’s Monopsony Is Not O.K.

Dave Gibbons, first comics laureate: ‘They’re not just cheap, lurid entertainment’

Book biz news

“Funded by the European Union, among others, the festival’s goal is to promote new talent and encourage cartooning in Palestine. An exhibition in Bethlehem’s Manger Square by participating cartoon artists will include work by Baha Boukhari, a political cartoonist for Ramallah-based Al Ayyam newspaper, architect and cartoonist Samir Harb, and Yara Bamieh, an architect, graphic designer and illustrator. French cartoonist Maximilien Le Roy, who in 2009 published a graphic novel about Gaza, and a year later a book about the wall in the West Bank, will conduct a beginner workshop in the Aida Refugee Camp on Saturday. Journalist and comic script -writer Albert Drandov will give a talk about his work and experience on the closing day this Sunday.”
The First Palestine Comics Festival Opens

“Will more publishers follow in McSweeney’s path? According to Jonathan Kirsch, a Los Angeles based publishing and IP attorney and adjunct professor at NYU’s Professional Publishing Institute, the shift from profit to non-profits is ‘the coming thing in publishing. It’s going to be increasingly common for certain kinds of publishing houses where something is at stake beyond making money.’ He added that, giving the ongoing financial problems facing the book industry, shifting over to a nonprofit model ‘allows more publishers to continue to publish books because they are not relying on profits from the marketplace.'”
McSweeney’s New Business Model: Nonprofit

7 Ideas to Help You Anticipate the Future of Publishing

Self publishing continues to grow strongly

Meeting considers how open access could address inequalities

Open Access Week 2014

How nylons changed literature

Are There Too Many Books?

Cairo Book Fair to Launch Professional Program

When brands become media: Mozilla launches an online magazine called Open Standard

1,000 Years of Popular Music