“The Tagger and Other Stories”

Notice: This title has two beautiful covers with different spines.

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“The thump on the sidewalk outside his studio sounded larger than a cat jumping or a rat falling out of a tree.” The Tagger by Ginger Mayerson

“‘Jack Smith. Love of your life. Let me buy you a coffee.'” Across the Universe, by Laura Dearlove

“College was Laocoön.” Atlantis by Kitty Johnson

“Andemyon Lightesblood spent weeks searching the extensive library at the University of Maryesfont’s College of Magic for books about wizards who had traveled through time.” Impossible Love by Kathryn L. Ramage (new website as of 2016)

“As I write this, I am thinking of you reading this and being disgusted enough to never call me again, to never even think about me except as an unpleasantly eccentric footnote in your biography.” The Unsent Letter by Chad Denton

“I’d known since I was a kid and thought that Batman and Superman were hot, not Catwoman or Supergirl, that I preferred guys, and I knew now I wanted to have sex with a guy, but I couldn’t get up the courage to approach any guys.” Finding Courage by Gail Marlowe

“After a number of these Mr. Not-so-perfect boyfriends, Gabe started hoping that he’d dated all the crazies and would fall in love with a sane one.” Fast Forward by Logan

“Ryan remembered his first sexual experience with a man as though it were yesterday.” Extraordinary by Emily-Jane MacKenzie

“Trey put down the book and sighed.” I’m Not Your Boyfriend by Lene Taylor

“When George MacFadden was eaten by a dragon, the unforeseen tragedy caused his boyfriend some problems.” When George MacFadden was Eaten by a Dragon by Colleen Wylie

“You know you’re unlucky when you and Thad G get to the post office after it’s closed.” You Know You Should be a Better Person (But You’re Not) by Karmen Ghia

Mick and Mark by Molly Kiely.

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