Guido Vermeulen bibliography


EDITOR: Guido Vermeulen

Sprookjes in de Wolken, poems and collages, 2012, 60 pages

Travels with collages, collages, 2012, 48 pages

The shipwreck of a vessel named god and other fantasy tales, collages, 2012, 60 pages

Kattengespin, photos and paintings, edition 1, 2012, 30 pages
Kattengespin, photos and paintings, edition 2, 2012, 36 pages
Kattengespin, photos and paintings, special editions, 2012, 36 pages, including original painting

Onthoofde tijd / Le temps décapité / Time beheaded, poems and collages, 2012, 40 pages

The Nesting Panic Calendar 2013, collages and paintings, 2012, 26 pages

Het alfabet van de liefde, poems and paintings, 2010, 40 pages

Friour Review number nine, mail art, 2008, 48 pages

De wetenschap der vissen, poems, collages and art, 2007, 52 pages

Friour for refugees, mail art, 2004, 60 pages

Passchendaele Blues, travel story and photos, 2004

Révolutionnez-vous, collaged text and photos, 2004

Conversations after 911, mail art, 2003, 60 pages

The travels of Little Owl, mail art, 2001, 40 pages

A World Peace Poem, poems and mail art, 2002, 40 pages

The forest pledged my shadow, poems and graphics, 2000, 24 pages

Trees, walking in balance, mail art, 2000, 44 pages

Messages from the rainforest, poems and art, 1999, 88 pages

The notebook project, mail art, 1998, 40 pages

Summer Rites, poems and photos, 1997, 32 pages

Signs and Stones in the Moonlight, mail art, 1996, 40 pages

Greetings from Lewis and Harris, art, 2 editions in 1995

Signs and Stones , a first event, mail art, 1995, 58 pages
Stenen voor Ruth, poems and art, 1992
Graphics by Robert Varlez

De Stenenverzamelaar, poems and art, 1990

Hoogtevrees, poems and art, 1989


The dress rehearsal and other collages, Wapshott Press USA, 2012, 60 pages
Collages by Guido Vermeulen

Landscape manual, Light Factory Publications Canada, 2007, 64 pages
Poems and collages by Lois Klassen and Guido Vermeulen

Dragons, Shopping Trolley editions UK, 2004
Poems by Guido Vermeulen, art by Martha Aitchinson, intro by Gianni Simone

Words are wind in clouds, handwritten poems, Bauwagen editions Germany, 2000
Handwritten poems by contemporary German poets and 1 Belgian
Etchings by Karl-Friedrich Hacker, Bernd Reichert and Hendrik Liersch

Are you Geo Orphaned? Renegade Publications Canada, 1999, 36 pages
Collaborative collages by Lois Klassen and Guido Vermeulen

Windows on Fire,the alphabet of a volcano, Five editions Belgium, 1998, 30 pages
Poems and collages by Guido Vermeulen and woodcuts by Bernd Reichert


David Stone, Night Town, Phrygian Press New York, USA, 2012
poems by David Stone / collages by GV

Liza Leyla, Dentelle de Mirages, LL editions Belgium, 2007
poems by Liza / epilogue by GV / a tribute to Marilyn Dammann

Madison Morrison, MM the sentence commuted, Sentence of gods press USA, 2005
Reproduction of the Friour text Révolutionnez-vous as a comment on the book Revolution by MM

Les Univers Fossiles, ViP editions France, 2004
A visual art dialogue between Philippe Victor (France), Alain Valet, Guido Vermeulen (Belgium), Tatjana Neuber (Germany) and Marilyn Dammann (USA)

Liza Leyla, La voie d’Eros, LL editions Belgium, 2000
poems by Liza / painting by GV

Liza Leyla, Rosée Solaire, LL editions Belgium, 1998
poems by Liza / papercuts by GV

Liza Leyla, SORA, LL editions Belgium, 1995
poems by Liza / prints and stamps by GV

Expression Libra, Den Haag The Netherlands, 1994
introduction to the work of the Chilean artist Manuel Escobar
in catalogue on contemporary Latin American artists

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