I’m going to assume that anyone and everyone who’d submit writing to J Bloglandia knows what they’re doing in terms of copyright, Fair Use, libel, and suchlike. Subject matter can range from all ages to adult, because this publication is aimed at thinking adults of all genders, and all cultures. I hope there will be something for everyone. I also hope it will be a document of the massive amounts of good blogging out there in the Blogtopia (y!sctp!) parts of Bloglandia, but not strictly limited to politics.

Everything quoted in the book will be there under Fair Use. However, if I get a Cease and Desist letter at J LHLS/J Bloglandia, PO Box 31513, LA CA 90031-0513 from a law firm or in a format I’ll describe in detail later, the piece will come out of the book after I’ve called the phone number on the letterhead to make sure it’s for real. Lawyers I won’t argue with, anyone else I will do my best to work out some way to keep the piece in the book, depending on the individual circumstances. Emails, phone calls, Skype calls, and letters without a working phone number will be ignored. Thank you.

Unfortunately I will not be able to offer complimentary hardcopies of J Bloglandia to contributors, only a pdf of the entire issue, but I will do my best to make heavily discounted copies available to contributors. J Bloglandia is available on Amazon.com and other online retailers. The first two volumes of J Bloglandia are also available through Lulu.com. Here’s the Wapshott Press store.

These guidelines are subject to modification.

There can be tax deductible paid advertising in J Bloglandia. As of 2016, the Wapshott Press is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (yes, we are very proud): $100 full-color back cover (8.5×11″); $60 full page (6×9″); $30 half page (6×4.5″); $15 quarter page (3×2.25″). Ads are subject to editorial approval. Please contact me at editor AT wapshottpress DOT org for more information.

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