Colleen Wylie

Excerpt from ‘Nul Gravity’

“You appear to be inappropriately programmed. You demonstrate attraction to your ‘friend’, yet you deny it. I…” The ‘droid smiled shyly. “…I think that you are afraid he will feel ‘weird’ if you offer to sleep with him on a non-commercial basis.”

“Damn right he will,” Miller said, more sincerely than was perhaps wise.

The ‘droid sidled closer to the officer. “If I report to the service bureau, I am likely to be inactive for at least the rest of the night. It would be in my interests to charge you the union minimum in order to secure this engagement. I could then return to work more quickly, and arrange to be serviced swiftly during normal office hours.”

Miller frowned, wondering why there was a ‘union minimum’ for holodroids.

“Among the varied justifications I have been given by those who use my services is a desire to ‘get it out of their system’,” the ‘droid continued confidentially. He leaned a little closer to Miller. “Since you are helping me with my problem, I should be most willing to assist you with yours.”

Miller blinked. The ‘droid sounded just the way Jiminez did when he was trying swap an inconvenient duty. “It’s… it’s not just the money,” he confessed. “You see… well, like I said, if he knew I’d deliberately gone with you because you looked like him…” and sounded like him, and moved like him, Miller added to himself.

“But he will not know,” the ‘droid said.

End of Excerpt

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