Amy Throck*-Smythe

Amy Throck*-Smythe hatched out in late 2000 to spend some time skulking around in Monkees smut fandom, mostly with that goddess in flesh, Donatella DelBono, and her notorious It’s In Your Head den of iniquity. She wrote some fine Mike/Davy stories there, made many pals, read much good smut, and generally had a lot of fun. The * in her name refers to the different suffixes that, depending on the circumstances, end up on Throck. For example, when Amy was writing her Jurassic Park III epic, she signed her work Amy Throckrex-Smythe in honor of the T-Rex so prominent in that film. And so on. She shares a website with the infamous Karmen Ghia.

Excerpt from “The Accompanist”:

“He’s even cuter all dressed up,” Marcin observed over lunch the following Sunday after church.

“Harold? I thought his tie was a little loud,” Vron said with a smile. He had noticed how cute Harold was, had thought about him once or twice since Thursday, and knew that the fastest way to shut Marcin up was to agree with him.

“He likes you,” Marcin said flatly.

“Does he? I’m not sure he’s gay, Marcin; he seemed to be with a girl today.” At least they had seemed together to Vron, but it might have been wishful thinking.

“For a gay man, you have no gaydar, Vron,” Marcin informed him.

“And for a straight man, you have too much. Why are you so interested in getting me into bed with Harold?” Vron asked, glancing up at the waitress next to him.

“More coffee?” she asked deadpan.

“Yes, please.” Vron smiled up at her, hoping to cover Marcin’s profound blush on the other side of the table.

“I’m not trying–” Marcin began in an undertone.

“But that is where two men who are so inclined end up and very quickly, too, if they are so inclined,” Vron said, equally quietly. “We’re more direct than you hets, Marcin, we usually don’t waste time on elaborate courtships. Harold is cute and he’s on the make, as even you noticed. It’s not that I wouldn’t jump him in a second, it’s that I don’t have the time or energy to deal with the aftermath of a wham-grr-thank-you-sir one night-stand with someone who’s too young for me in the first place.”

“I just…you seem lonely, Vron,” Marcin said seriously. “And he’s cute.”

“I’ve grown a little more prudent in my old age, Marcin. I’d rather suffer a little from loneliness than a lot from drama,” Vron admitted. “But he is cute.”

End of Excerpt

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