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“Funded by the European Union, among others, the festival’s goal is to promote new talent and encourage cartooning in Palestine. An exhibition in Bethlehem’s Manger Square by participating cartoon artists will include work by Baha Boukhari, a political cartoonist for Ramallah-based Al Ayyam newspaper, architect and cartoonist Samir Harb, and Yara Bamieh, an architect, graphic designer and illustrator. French cartoonist Maximilien Le Roy, who in 2009 published a graphic novel about Gaza, and a year later a book about the wall in the West Bank, will conduct a beginner workshop in the Aida Refugee Camp on Saturday. Journalist and comic script -writer Albert Drandov will give a talk about his work and experience on the closing day this Sunday.”
The First Palestine Comics Festival Opens

“Will more publishers follow in McSweeney’s path? According to Jonathan Kirsch, a Los Angeles based publishing and IP attorney and adjunct professor at NYU’s Professional Publishing Institute, the shift from profit to non-profits is ‘the coming thing in publishing. It’s going to be increasingly common for certain kinds of publishing houses where something is at stake beyond making money.’ He added that, giving the ongoing financial problems facing the book industry, shifting over to a nonprofit model ‘allows more publishers to continue to publish books because they are not relying on profits from the marketplace.'”
McSweeney’s New Business Model: Nonprofit

7 Ideas to Help You Anticipate the Future of Publishing

Self publishing continues to grow strongly

Meeting considers how open access could address inequalities

Open Access Week 2014

How nylons changed literature

Are There Too Many Books?

Cairo Book Fair to Launch Professional Program

When brands become media: Mozilla launches an online magazine called Open Standard

1,000 Years of Popular Music

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