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The life and times of Anna Cora Mowatt: “Fashioned Lady, Recovering the Lost Legacy of a Victorian American Superstar.” By Kelly S. Taylor, Ph.D.
Edgar Allan Poe, Henry David Thoreau, and Ralph Waldo Emerson were among her fanboys, but too few people know about their idol. The Wapshott Press is honored to present the life and times of the fabulous Anna Cora Mowatt to her well deserved, and long overdue, larger audience. More information and a pdf of Chapter 1.

The Tagger and Other Stories,” edited by Ginger Mayerson (but I only wrote the first and last stories):
40% off pre-sale to stimulate the economy and whatever else there is to stimulate [heh]. Act now! Sale ends April 10. “The Tagger” by Ginger Mayerson; “Across the Universe,” by Laura Dearlove; “Atlantis” by Kitty Johnson; “Impossible Love” by Kathryn L. Ramage; “The Unsent Letter” by Chad Denton; “Finding Courage” by Gail Marlowe; “Fast Forward” by Logan; “Extraordinary” by Emily-Jane MacKenzie; “I’m Not Your Boyfriend” by Lene Taylor; “When George MacFadden was Eaten by a Dragon by Colleen Wylie; “You Know You Should be a Better Person (But You’re Not)” by Karmen Ghia; “Mick” and “Mark” by Molly Kiely. Authors and Excerpts (also see sidebar); “Finding Courage” Serialization; and “The Unsent Letter” mp3.

And if you really hate Amazon, drop me a line at editor AT wapshottpress DOT com and we’ll work something out. Eventually these books will be in wider distribution, but at full price.

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