Now on Sale, 40% off: The Tagger and Other Stories

Now on sale for$7.80 instead of $13 until April 10, 2009 at Amazon (eligible for free shipping!) and Createspace.

40% off pre-sale to stimulate the economy and whatever else there is to stimulate [heh]. Act now! Sale ends April 10. “The Tagger” by Ginger Mayerson; “Across the Universe,” by Laura Dearlove; “Atlantis” by Kitty Johnson; “Impossible Love” by Kathryn L. Ramage; The Unsent Letter” by Chad Denton; “Finding Courage” by Gail Marlowe; “Fast Forward” by Logan; “Extraordinary” by Emily-Jane MacKenzie; “I’m Not Your Boyfriend” by Lene Taylor; “When George MacFadden was Eaten by a Dragon by Colleen Wylie; “You Know You Should be a Better Person (But You’re Not)” by Karmen Ghia; “Mick” and “Mark” by Molly Kiely.


(Unless you have super vision, click on the cover for a larger version to read the teasers on the back.)

There are also excerpts and some author profiles at the The Tagger and Other Stories Authors link on the sidebar.

Oh, and don’t forget “The Pajama Boy” is still being serialized at the link on the sidebar. Updates on Thursdays, sometimes Fridays, but it does get a weekly update. Check the “Where to Buy The Pajama Boy” link on the sidebar if you want to buy a copy, and I hope you do! It’s available in a lot of online stores and is eligible for Free Shipping on Amazon.

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